Love looks like …

There is bountiful evidence to suggest that community gardens are places which contribute to the social, psychological and physical health of their communities.

Our garden reminds us in a visual and practical way, what love looks like…

It is generous – one little seed becomes a vegetable or flower which produces many more seeds.

It is kind – providing nourishing foods for anyone who needs it.

It supports and helps others – notice how some plants grow beautifully together, where one provides a frame for the other to grow up onto, while the leaves of the other provide shade to it’s companion.

To thrive, plants need care and an environment that’s just right for them. For people, the strength of community gardens is born in connection, in acceptance, in diversity and in a shared interest.

To volunteer at the Flourish PYO Community Garden, you don’t need any knowledge or skills in gardening, just a desire to be involved and to serve your community. We always have fun and are always filled with a great sense of satisfaction with our progress. All are welcome!

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